What Our

Clients Say



Lindsey was so helpful through the entire process! She gave us lots of options to consider that were all within budget and included everything we wanted. In addition, she gave honest opinions about the quality and location of each place. She was also very easy to work with and always willing to come meet us at all the places we wanted to looknormset up appointments if she couldn't make it. I would definitely contact Lindsey if you are in the market for a new place to live in dallas!

-Katherine Krause

I was on the market for two months looking for the perfect apartment and the search wasn't going well. Every real estate agent I saw used the same methods of searching for the exact same big box apartment complexes. Lindsey goes out of her way to find the "hidden gems" left here in Dallas that aren't listed all over the internet. Literally after one day with Lindsey I signed off on a great apartment and can not be happier with her services. Highly recommended A+.

-Nicholas Fennema

It was such a pleasure working Lindsey and Simoson Real Estate! I would recommend her to anyone in the Dallas area and I would gladly use her again and again. She was very knowledgeable and made my search for a new home very easy and fun! I just moved into my new place and it is everything I was looking for, thanks to Lindsey and her diligent expertise! Thanks for everything!!

-Marge Anna Quinn



Lindsey provided prompt and meticulous service to support my daughter's first post-graduation, apartment-seeking experience. My daughter and her roommate contacted Lindsey and her roommate moved in 6 days later(those 6 days included 3 graduation weekend days!). She saved us an inordinate amount of time and has contacts any and everywhere she has found worthy of representing. Pleasant, kind, efficient. The whole package. Thank you so much, Lindsey. Maybe the girls will host us one night for a little celebration?

-Maribeth Southworth

Recently I had great success with Simoson Real Estate. As we all know moving and finding a place can be an extremely stressful. However with Lindsey's help it ended up being a really smooth process. She knew exactly what I was looking for and it cut my time in half. I was extremely pleased with Lindsey's hard work. She is very personable, I was able to express my concerns and she was able to find me the perfect place. I would recommend Lindsey to everyone.

-Corinne Wilcox

Lindsey was knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely efficient. She made picking a place so easy - she did all of the legwork for me so that when we arrived to each place, everything was ready to go. Plus she knew exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend!

-Brooke Paxson



Lindsey goes above and beyond, making sure you are well taken care of and comfortable. She is always well educated on properties, professional, and courteous to your needs. I would recommend her anytime someone is looking for a great place in the DFW area!

-Blake Aduddell

Lindsey is amazing!! I have used her for two moves and I tell anyone I know about her! She understands the needs of her clients and is able to find the right match no more how great the feat!

-Holly Lortie

Lindsey was so helpful the entire process! She went above and beyond to make sure we were happy where we ended up. I would recommend her to anyone. She is the best!

-Meredith Barnes